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NORTHSTAR Global Response is a new organization, founded in 2012 by a team of experienced international instructors in emergency response operations. Team members have worked with other organizations in Haiti, Colombia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Iraq, Thailand, the United States and other countries.

Our mission is to provide a cadre of experienced instructors and consultants in emergency services and management to assist where needed in worldwide training and operational response.

Our primary emphasis is on training in such subjects as emergency medical technicians and services, independent / remote duty medics, search and rescue, port security, civil defense, and emergency management. Most of our instructors are cross-trained in multiple disciplines.

Several members of NORTHSTAR have already made significant contributions to emergency response team training in Haiti. Team members were part of a Montgomery County (MD) Community Emergency Response Team (MC-CERT) training mission to Bossier and Montrouis, Haiti in June 2010. Team members were part of an International Community Response Team (I-CRT) that provided additional EMS training in Bossier, Haiti in January 2011. Team members have also worked with Ayaisian Rezo Medikal and EMPACT NW to provide EMT level training in Port au Prince in 2011 and 2012.

Congratulations to ARM and EMPACT NW on their excellent work in the capitol region of Haiti!

This training has been very successful in Haiti as Haiti tries to build its emergency response system. The MC-CERT 2010 enhanced training mission included instruction in flood, coastal and basic swift-water rescue training. Three weeks later, the newly trained Haitian team was deployed during a flood event and safely evacuated 300 at risk persons from the flood plain, conducted several in-water rescues and managed one trauma patient who sustained serious injuries during the flood. In Haiti, CERT-type teams are a primary responder and often the only responder. This case illustrates the success of these types of training programs. Hats off to MC-CERT!

NORTHSTAR Global Response was formed to provide a consistent and sustained professional instructor and consultant base for projects such as these. It unites individuals with career experience in emergency response training and operations with projects in areas of specific and urgent need. The NORTHSTAR professional may be assigned to a NORTHSTAR specific project or may be detailed to another organization as a consulting or visiting instructor or project specialist. The NORTHSTAR career professionals provide project stability, have much longer rotation cycles and provide continuity. Highly skilled volunteer instructors also augment these career professionals, either working through NORTHSTAR or through a host organization.

Moving forward from our Haiti 2012 Training Mission, NORTHSTAR will continue its
work in developing locally sustainable emergency response training in Haiti.


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